About Kristin Moore Art

Kristin, a native Texan, moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to complete her MFA at Otis College of Art + Design. The juxtaposed architecture of LA, the smoggy atmosphere, and unique characteristics of the city became source material for her first solo exhibition, Rear Window, which opened at the Bolsky Gallery in 2016. An ode to Hitchcock, this body of work specifically utilized her interest in voyeurism and atmosphere to comment on the nature of her West LA neighborhood. 

Upon moving back to Texas that same year, Kristin viewed Austin through the same lens. The architecture is quickly changing, a new atmosphere is emerging, and the skyline is directly reflecting those elements. Her Texas roots and California influence culminated into a second solo exhibition, Ceremony, which opened at the St. Edward's University Gallery in 2017. 

Kristin currently lives in Austin with her husband Kyle and their cat, Sookie. Her work continues to explore architecture, and atmosphere while oscillating through the landscapes of Los Angeles, the ever-changing skyline of Austin, and the highways in between.